Working at the Albert Hall

If anyone said to me I could combine two of my biggest passions and put them together I wouldn’t believe them, it’s not common to hear of English Language and Brass Bands merging, so when I had the opportunity to become the social media coordinator for the company that run the National finals, I jumped at the chance. So I’ve just got back from a wonderful weekend in London, where I had a fantastic opportunity to work for Kapitol Promotions at the Brass Band National Finals of Great Britain, for the Championship section at the Royal Albert Hall.

It meant leaving home in Cheltenham at 4.30am in the morning and getting home that same day at 23.30pm…yes I am still recovering from sleep deprivation! But it was definitely worth every minute. As the name suggests I was in charge of the social media accounts for Kapitol – Twitter and Facebook, posting about the contest, giving different perspectives of the day, that you may not have seen elsewhere. For example I got to go backstage at the RAH and post photos of the bands coming off and on the stage, and even got to go on the stage a few times, taking photos to document the momentous occasion. If you’re reading this and you’re not a ‘bandie’ the National Finals is one of the most prestigious contests in the UK, that all the best bands in the UK qualify for in March, so I wanted to convey the importance of the contest online as much as I could.


Having had previous social media experience, doing an internship with the University for my English Language course, I really wanted to do some more work like this, to expand my experience, and what better place to do it than the Albert Hall, and combining it with my most favourite hobby? I must say walking out onto the stage for the first time was pretty surreal, even without an audience, so when I had to go on stage with a full audience waiting for the results whilst ‘Facebook-living’ it I was a little bit nervous.


I think the highlight definitely had to be getting the hashtag of the event #Nationalfinals2017 trending in London on Twitter with the help of the other Brass Band media pages. Which I don’t think has happened before, although correct me if I’m wrong all you band geeks that are reading…hopefully!


I had an absolutely wonderful day, and my mum came along to keep me company, I didn’t have to ask too hard, as going to the Albert Hall to hear the best bands in the country isn’t exactly a chore. It was really nice to spend a long weekend with mum, as well as do something I’m so passionate about. If you want to see what I got up to all day check out Kapitol_promo on twitter or ‘National Finals of Great Britain’ on Facebook, where I posted all day, with lots of photos and updates of the contest. Hopefully I’ll be able to do some more work like this, as the famous quote says:

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 20.58.46

So here’s a few of my photos of the weekend..


Love Jaz x

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