Winter Weekend away

Saturday – Sussex

This weekend, my boyfriend and I escaped from our stresses of University and work, and left our comforts of the West Country to visit Cambridge and Sussex, for a lovely winter wedding. Considering the amount of work I have to do at the moment, a quick trip away with Paul, full of yummy food and a romantic atmosphere was just what the Doctor ordered!

The wedding was held on the border between Sussex and Cambridge, in a gorgeous barn with fairy lights everywhere…if you know me well you’ll know fairy lights are one of my most favourite things! They brighten any room, and make anything look twinkly and pretty. So this meant some gorgeous photos could be taken! The wedding was winter themed, had such a lovely warm atmosphere, and I had my first mince pie of the year! So it’s officially christmas, which means the christmas music can now be switched on! woohoo!

We had a wonderful day celebrating the wedding, drinking far too much Prosecco and dancing all night long with our friends. It really was a lovely day, and who doesn’t love dressing up?

Sunday – Cambridge

Since we made the long 3 and half hour trip, we decided to make the most of visiting somewhere new, and spent the next day in Cambridge looking around the shops and the market. The town was really busy and full of christmas shoppers which really put us in the christmas mood. I haven’t been to Cambridge before, so I was very excited to go sightseeing, and see the river, with all the rowers. The weather was really fresh and the sun was shining, but I was very glad to have my bobble hat to keep my ears warm.

The architecture in Cambridge really is something to be seen. We visited Christ’s College, to have a quick wander around. We also saw some of the other college’s, and the church which were stunning. Unfortunately I didn’t get many photos of our trip as we we’re just enjoying ourselves and taking in all the surroundings. Oh and the slight hangover didn’t help! haha.

One of the highlights for us was visiting Cambridge University Press book shop, besides the Library at university I’ve never seen so many Linguistics books in one place. I was in heaven.

We had such a wonderful weekend, celebrating love, and spending some quality time together, for the last time before I break up for christmas. Tonight we really needed some comfort food, so decided to make a homemade roast chicken for my housemates, which I can say went down a storm! So now I’m back to reality, writing assignments and my dissertation, at least I have a few more days with my boyfriend before he goes home!

I hope everyone else has also had a lovely weekend!

Love Jaz x

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