What’s in my bag? – University

I’m now in my third year of University and thought it might be nice to show you what I take in my bag every day. Lots of people like to read blog posts on the contents of other people’s bags to have a good ‘nose’ and to give inspiration for other people.

I’m an English Language and Linguistics student, so the contents of my bag mainly consists of books of different sorts. Although there are the necessities mixed in with them too…if they can fit around the books.


I have two different forms of notebooks for my lectures, I have an A4 book, and an A5, for a very specific reason. I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to writing notes and making my work look neat, which isn’t always possible when you’re trying to make notes quickly before the lecturer moves the powerpoint slide on too quick – we’ve all been there! So I decided to use two notebooks, one to make quick messy notes in, and a second to write them up, alongside my extra readings, as a base for my essays.

I also have lots of Library books to take readings from, so they are constantly going to and from Uni in my bag as I visit the library fairly often. But they don’t always go in my bag if I’m just going to a lecture.

My diary is a must have in my bag to make sure I never double book myself and just to generally keep me organised so I know what deadlines I have coming up. I use a Dodo Pad as I love the layout of it, having squares rather than lines makes it easy to turn it into a timetable if I need.



There’s a few necessities that go in my bag every day, and never really leave it. I have two pairs of glasses, one to keep in my bag, and one to keep at home so I never forget them. A pencil case is essential when at uni to take notes and highlight important texts, and I really love my Cath Kidston flowery one, which is a few years old now but has lasted me really well, and still looks fairly new. Can you tell I like Cath Kinston?

A water bottle is needed to keep you hydrated to stay awake in lectures, when you haven’t got time to pop out for a coffee. I’d recommend buying a refillable one rather than buying water from the uni shop as recycling is so much more sustainable.

A Carmex lip balm is always in the front pocket of my bag, alongside a pot of china balm in case a headache hits, they’re really great for instant pain relief!


There’s a couple of things I sometimes have in my bag, such as my laptop, depending on where I’m going. If I’m going into the library for a hard core reading session I’ll take my laptop for note taking sometimes.

My purse also comes with me sometimes if I’m planning on going to the refectory for a snack in my breaks, but I don’t always take it with me if I’m running out of bag space.

Cath Kidston Rucksack:

  • Pukka Pad A4 Note pad
  • Pukka Pad A5 Jotta Notebook
  • 2017 Dodo-Pad
  • Cath Kidston Pencil case
  • Glasses Case
  • Water Bottle
  • Purse
  • Carmex Lip balm
  • China Balm
  • Library books*
  • Laptop*

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I keep in my bag, let me know if you think I’m missing something essential!

Love Jaz

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