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I spend all day every day in front of a computer. For someone who has grown up in a generation of computers and gadgets, I’m used to looking at a screen a lot. But since getting a job working 9-5 on a computer it’s made me realise how much more important it is to put the screen down and enjoy the time away from it. This is really hard though when one of your enjoyments is blogging. Blogging requires screen time and a lot of spare time! Something I don’t always have. However, on a snuggly Sunday afternoon that today is, I’ve found a spare few hours to pop open my laptop and let my mind wander through my fingers onto the keys.


Since reading about hygge, it has become so important to me. I want to make the house as hygge as possible, and comfy ready for us to come home to and relax after work. Hygge covers a multitude of areas, from lighting to warmth, to activities, to decoration or to just having a cuddle on the sofa. Our newest addition to making the house more hygge has been our new gas fire in the front room. I’m currently sat in front of it, with ‘How I met your mother’ on Netflix, the candles lit, and the sun shining through the windows, disguising the actual temperature that it is outside. The cats really aren’t enjoying the cold weather at the moment, and Oscar has spent the entirety of winter asleep on the bed. Oh, how I wish I could live the life of our cats!

Sunday’s have now become a day of preparation for the week. I go food shopping in the morning, get all the ingredients for tea, and the rest of the week, and prepare my lunches for work. One of my most favourite things to cook is my lunches beforehand. I love using the slow cooker and often go for a soup or casserole to batch make, there’s nothing better for lunch than something warming, especially in this weather. The house always smells amazing when the slow cooker is on, especially on a Sunday! I’ve currently got a beef casserole cooking. Not only is it cosy, but it’s also so much more handy batch making lunches on the weekend.  It means I have more time in the week to spend my evenings with Paul, and it becomes cheaper! Rather than spending £2.50 a day on a sandwich from the shop with a packet of crisps and some chocolate, it’s around £5 in total by the time you’ve bought veg and some meat, which will last all week if you freeze them. I often have veg left over anyway, which we then use up in the week.


This weekend has been an exception to our reality of a ‘normal’ weekend. Usually one of us is at a music gig of some sort, and if not we usually go out and do something or pop over to see some of the family! But this weekend our plans were cancelled, and I’ve loved it! We’ve spent the evenings together in front of the fire, watching a few films, cooked a Roast Lamb and had a takeaway! … (not on the same day!) It’s been a very relaxed few days, which have been extremely needed after a few busy weeks at work.


Having no plans and forcing yourself to relax really gives you time to think. I really need to give more time to my blog, because I love writing. It’s just so much more easier said than done. Time gets away from us so easily, I didn’t realise the last time I wrote a blog post was over Christmas. Please let me know if you have any ideas on how to make your house more hygge. My go to’s are warmth (Blankets, fires and hot water bottles), lighting (fairy lights, lamps and candles), and cooking, whether that’s meal prepping or cooking a nice meal or baking something yummy usually for work. This will be explained more in another blog post, as my mind has just had a lightbulb moment! hurrah! Our house is still a work in progress, we add a few new things each month, this month was slightly larger than normal in the form of the fireplace. But I love having something else to look forward to, making our house a bit more snug, even if it is just a blanket for the cats to nap on.

If you have any ideas or tips for making your weekends a bit more hygge and cosy please let me know in the comments. I think we need a few more ideas for activities to do, so please let me know if you have any tried and tested things to do!


Love Jaz xx







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