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In the past 5-6 weeks I haven’t been able to make a trip home for the weekend, which for me, is a crazy amount of time. Uni is getting more and more stressful the quicker our deadlines are looming. With only 4 weeks to go until our lectures are finished for the semester, life is getting even more busy.

Thankfully this week I’ve been able to come home for a week to have a bit of a break and de-stress before it’s all guns blazing back into the books, writing assignments and presentations. Although I have to keep up on my work whilst I’m at home, I’m able to spend time with my family and friends, and take some of the stress away. This weekend I’ve spent a lot of time with my family, which for me is the best way to ‘stress bust’. So if you’re feeling stressed here’s my tips on what you can do if you’re planning a quick trip home!


The main reason I go home is to visit my family, my boyfriend and my cats. Seeing your family, even if it’s just for an afternoon lunch, or a quick chat can make you feel so much better. I know going home for a night, a roast dinner and a cuddle with the cats makes me feel so relaxed. And talking over any stresses you have with your family eases the pressure as you talk it over.


My boyfriend and I spent the afternoon today going for a walk in the autumn sun along the Plymouth coast. Going home and taking the time, even for an hour, just to have a walk and get some fresh air in a familiar environment can relax you, as exercise is always a great stress buster. Especially if you get to wear wellies!


I planned to come home this week specifically so I would be able to go to a local Brass Band contest in Torquay, meaning I would be able to see all of my friends from home who were competing. Spending time with friends away from uni is equally important as seeing your friends at uni. I know seeing familiar faces like my brass band ‘family’ really cheers me up and keeps me going.


Taking the time out to make some home made meals with your family is a great idea. This Sunday my mum and I spent the afternoon in the kitchen cooking a roast, baking pastry for a pie and making an apple crumble. Putting the effort in to make your own home made meals makes them extra tasty, as you know the effort that’s gone in to making it. It also means your spending quality time with your family that you wouldn’t get if you were at uni.


Going home for a week, having home cooked meals, cuddling the cats, snuggles on the sofa watching films with Paul, walking along the coast and drinking bottles of wine with roasts are literally my most favourite things to do. Taking the time out to let yourself rest and recuperate is really important if you’re feeling stressed, and I recommend reading my previous post about Hygge. As I do this all the time to stress bust. But nothing beats being at home with your loved ones.

Let me know if you have any great tips on stress busting, whether at university or if you’re going home to do it.

Jaz x


12 thoughts on “Stress Busting

  1. Such a lovely post! There really is nothing that beats coming home or cat cuddles! Looks like we’re close together too because I live in Plymouth ☺ x

  2. I find walks are such a good way of relieving stress! I also try and spend time with my partner and just generally try and get out of the house and do something to keep my mind away from all the work I have left to do! Some great tips here! Thanks for sharing x

  3. Great post, the beach looks so pretty. I really want to go home even though I’m super busy and it costs a lot. Think I will next week though – I really miss my cat!

    1. Yeah it was such a tiny beach we found by accident! Travelling home can be so expensive! Hope you have a lovely time x

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