Second week stress!

So I’ve now completed my second week, and it’s safe to say I’m a little bit stressed with the amount of work I need to do. I only have 3 modules each semester this year instead of 4 as the dissertation takes up a lot of time – 300 hours over the course of the year in fact! Which averages out at about 12 and half hours a week. So I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed and tired right now, that’s why I’m currently writing this on a train, as I make my way down to Plymouth to see Paul for a quick break from Uni. Thankfully, my lectures are only on a Tuesday and Thursday, so when I do come home, I can have a lovely long weekend.


This week the weather has been a few degrees colder, and I must say I’m enjoying it. I’ve always enjoyed the colder months more than the summer ones, with my birthday and Christmas I always feel like the winter months have an exciting feeling about them, and it gives you an excuse to get all your warm snuggly scarfs and p-jamas out. Plus, the university looks gorgeous at this time of year, with the leaves on the building changing colour and falling to the floor, it really gives you the feel of Hogwarts. I can guarantee photos like mine above have featured on most students Instagram feeds in the last week or so!

My plans for the weekend are to relax with Paul and spend some time with the cats, who I haven’t seen in a couple weeks now (yes I’m a crazy cat lady!). Although Paul’s just bought a keyboard for his composing, so I’ll probably be competing with the keyboard for some attention, haha! I think we’ll be going to the Bierkeller in Exeter on Saturday night, as Paul plays in the German Oompah Band the Bavarian Strollers, which will involve dancing on the tables and spilling cocktails everywhere! We’ll also go and annoy my parents on Saturday, and I’ll get the chance to get my trombone out for a quick dust off of the cobwebs I’ve left since not playing since the finals. Thankfully I only live in Cheltenham, which isn’t too far from home, meaning I can pop on a train and come down when I want if I’m getting a bit low.

So this week has been pretty full on, I think we’ve all realised just how much work is involved in the third year, so going home for a few days is just the thing I need to relax and destress before it all starts again next week.


Jaz x



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