My Summer Sewing Project

I’ve been off from University since the beginning of May now, and I don’t start again until the end of September (I know, it’s a long time!). So with nearly 5 months off for the summer, I’ve needed a summer project to keep me occupied when I’ve been left at a loose end.. like when Paul abandoned me for a 10 days to go off to Belgium with work (it’s alright for some!).

A few months ago my mum found lots of my gran’s old craft things in the garage, including baking equipment and her old sewing machine. Although I wasn’t allowed to keep the baking goodies (much to my dismay) she let me have the sewing machine, to see if I could get it working and learn how to use it again. I had technology lessons in school, where we were taught lots of different skills, including how to sew, and so I had a brief idea of how it works. After a few Google and Pinterest searches for a quick catch up and inspiration, I was ready to go!

I had to order a few things off of Amazon that the sewing machine was missing, which were surprisingly cheap, and I bought some material from Trago Mills (the south west’s answer to anything), I just had to decide what to make.. oh the decisions.


I decided to make something simple, so I made a couple little purses, which my sister begged me to give her! After I decided this went fairly successfully, I decided to step it up a gear and make some bunting with some bigger fabric. Although I’d read a lot of different instructions on how to make bunting, I managed to get into the zone and didn’t even follow any, and worked it out myself. Bunting really is an easy thing to sew, it looks great as a finished product, whether it’s for a gift, a party, or just for decorating your house. I put it up in the front room over the mirror!

How did I do it? 


  1. First I cut out a cardboard triangle, in which I could use as a template for cutting the fabric. Don’t forget to cut double the amount of triangles, for the front and back of each one! I measured the length of the ribbon I had and divided it by the length of the flat edge of the triangle to work out how many triangles I needed.
  2. Next you can sew along the 2 edges of the triangle (not the edge that will be sewn onto the ribbon) with a single straight stitch, with the fabric facing inwards. Now turn the triangle inside out, so the fabric is now facing outwards. I found that using tweezers to bring the end of the triangle works well, just be careful to not pull the stitches out.
  3. Once you’ve done this with all the triangles it’s best to iron the triangles so the edges are crisp and straight. *Little tip* I could’t find the iron… Paul took it to Belgium with him without telling me, so straighteners work just as well! 
  4. The penultimate step is to pin the triangles onto the ribbon, measuring it so they all fit evenly. The ribbon should be thick enough to allow you to fold it in half, covering both the back and front of the top of the triangle, to give a neat and tidy finish. 
  5. Finally you can sew the triangles to the ribbon, removing the pins carefully as you sew. This can get a bit fiddly, and I kept pinning myself to the bunting! I think this must have just been my inexperience, as I’m still learning how it all works! Once this is all done, you can sew the ends of the ribbon into a loop in order to hang it up and make it look neat and voila! 


I really enjoyed making this bunting, and have found learning how to use the sewing machine really enjoyable, and if I do say so myself, fairly successful! I’m definitely going to be sewing a lot more, it’s so rewarding being able to say I made that, rather than buying it from a shop. I probably won’t have time to make anything when I go back to uni in a few weeks, so I’m making the most of it now! I just have to decide what to make next…

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  1. Hello Jasmin 🙂 I started sewing nearly 3 years ago and still love it <3 Two years ago I bought a bunting fabric panel. It still waiting to be sewn hehe. Thanks for the bunting tutorial.

    1. Hi! I’ve only just started but am really loving it too! ☺️ I’m glad you liked the tutorial! I found bunting really simple to do, I hope you enjoy it! X

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