My first week back at Uni.

So today has been a week since I moved into my third year house. And a LOT has happened since I last wrote my blog post.

You may have read my previous post about the National Finals of Great Britain, which coincidentally were held in Cheltenham (I study at the University of Gloucestershire in Cheltenham). Unfortunately the result did not go the way we would have liked, but I suppose every band went to the contest with the hopes of winning the title. However, the result is not the be-all-and-end-all, the band played a performance we were VERY proud of, and everyone on that stage had worked their socks off to do it. I’m always proud to wear my uniform and represent Bodmin Town Band, and I can’t wait to get back (after the small matter of finishing my final year at uni) and shaking up the first section! We can still be proud to say Bodmin Town Band are the 9th best second section band in the UK. I also think it’s pretty safe to say we have all taken home a lot of memories from our trip to Cheltenham which I know for a fact we will all remember for a very long time, which I suppose is more valuable than a trophy, knowing you’re part of such a strong team.

Here’s a picture of Andrew, me and Kev who make up Bodmin’s trombone team!

Now we’ve all caught up from the finals, I had just under a week to pack all my things up from Paul’s house, move out, move back in with mum and dad for a few days, pack up my things from their house and move in to my final year house in Cheltenham. In the two years I’ve already spent at uni, I’ve lived in fairly small rooms, so this year has been a real treat to have a fairly large room! My house this year is a lot bigger and cleaner than last years, (some uni houses really aren’t that nice to live in – talking from experience!).

So I’ve been back to uni exactly a week now, mum and I ventured up from sunny Devon to Cheltenham, and eventually got here after a lot of M5 delays. Mum took me back to uni last year as well, and it has now become our thing, to unpack, go out for lunch in cheltenham, and have the quick mooch around the shops (Cheltenham’s shopping is the best!).


The first thing I did once mum left was to unpack and decorate my room to make it as homely as possible, as for the past two years, my room is always used as the social hub of the house, rather than the living room, which I really love. I love my homely comforts of: blankets, fairy lights, bunting, pillows and of course pictures, as it boosts the hygge in my room making me feel content (pop over to my last blog post to see what hygge means, it’s one of my new favourite things!).


I’ve had my first week of lectures, where the main objective is to cover what we will be doing this semester, what assignments are set and to generally catch up with all my lecturers and friends. I’ve already started making notes, and doing extra reading, and I don’t think I’m alone in this (my housemate was the only person in the library last night starting an assignment!) everyone is a bit scared to be starting third year, as the past two years have already gone so fast, so we want to cling on to all the time we’ve got, before we’re stressing the night before our deadlines are due! I’m really looking forward to my modules this year: forensic linguistics, British dialects and communication for leadership, quite coincidentally British dialects works very well alongside my dissertation – Cornish and Devonian dialects, which i’m hoping will be quite helpful.

Compulsary first night takeaway! 

I’m feeling a lot more confident and happier than I was this time last year, and I’m looking forward to knuckling down and doing my absolute best, because as my Dad used to tell me, you don’t ever want to look back on this time in the future, and wish you tried harder, because you’ll always regret it. I’m sure they’ll be times this year where I want to give up and just go home, but I know I’ve got a strong bunch of people around me who support me and I can’t wait to give it my all.

Jaz x

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