My Daily Diary

Week 1 – 1st – 7th January – I had a wonderful new years/anniversary with my boyfriend, family, and friends. I spent a lot of time this week working on my dissertation, interviewing local people in order to analyse their accents. My sister also got to play with the number one ranked brass band in the world – The Cory Band, where we watched the concert in Truro. 

Week 2 – 8th – 14th January – Caught a cold, but Paul surprised me by coming home for the night, which was amazing as I didn’t think I’d see him for weeks otherwise. I finished my dissertation interviews and moved back into uni for my final semester! Where has the time gone?

Week 3 – 15th -21st January – Started my first week back at uni and netball. Gave my cold to my housemate and now she has the flu…. sorry Emma! And I probably spent more time working on my blog than my dissertation…oops!

Week 4 – 22nd – 29th January – I had a netball match at home this week, which we won 39-17. Paul forgot to tell me he was coming to see me this weekend, which was a lovely surprise. We met up with his sister for drinks and played mini golf, turns out we’re both awful at golf!

Week 5 – 30th – 5th February – I spent all of this week out from netball with shin splints. I also went home for the weekend to see my family and play with my brass band in a concert! Had such a lovely time and feel refreshed and ready to get back to uni life!