Motivation Monday

We are now well into the semester, and I’ve only got 4 weeks left until we break for Christmas, and that means all those assignments are suddenly looming! Stress seems to be setting in with lots of students, I was certainly surprised by the amount of people in the library this morning (considering its a Sunday). My course is relatively relaxed with the amount of essays we have, and so I can only imagine the stress of other students who have twice as many deadlines as me. So I thought writing a blog post to motivate all you lovely people out there might be helpful, as I know I’m struggling to fight the urge for afternoon naps every day!

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Keep going!

It may feel like time isn’t going by and you’ll be doing this essay forever, and so you think “it’s ok, I can do it tomorrow”, but tomorrow never comes. Doing a little bit everyday means you’re putting yourself that little bit further towards reaching the end goal, of submitting that assignment, handing in that dissertation or delivering a presentation. Keep going, you can do it!

Reward yourself!

If you’ve had a particularly productive day, you’ll already be feeling pretty proud of yourself, but treating yourself to something like a bottle of wine, or a bar of chocolate can give you an incentive to getting your writing cap on next time.

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Thinking positively!

Simply thinking positively can boost your productivity, I know if I’m in a bad mood I’m not likely to get much work done. If you know how to get yourself in a good mood you’re halfway there. I often wake up and put my music on straight away, setting my day off in the best way I can, and like the dog says above “you can’t kill this vibe”.

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Stay healthy!

Eating and keeping fit can be important to keeping you motivated, as this keeps your body healthy, and ready for a writing marathon! I like to go swimming once a week, and play netball with the Uni recreational team once a week, which afterwards puts me in such a great mood, ready to knuckle down and do some work.

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Remember, the bad days will pass, like everyone, you will have good days and bad days. Some days you may not get much work done, and others you may get half an assignment written. If you’re not feeling great it’s ok to take some time off and have a small break, you will get through this, and make the most of the days when you feel ready to conquer the world, or should I say assignment? And if you’re having a really bad day, just remember, there’s thousands of other students going through exactly the same, so talking about it can really help.


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Imagine the end point!

I’m now in my final year, and the end is nigh! We can all feel the deadlines looming over us, and I have to say, this really does motivate you, as the cap and gown are almost in touching distance. Imagining the end point and receiving my degree makes me want to work as hard as possible to get the best possible grade I can!

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I hope some of my tips helped you, I know I do these things regularly to keep me motivated, and remember, taking breaks are just as important as working, if you don’t take breaks you’ll work yourself into exhaustion. And thinking of the end point keeps you going when all you want to do is take a ridiculously long nap (don’t worry we’ve all been there!).

Let me know below if there’s anything specific you do to keep you motivated!

Love Jaz x

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