Make your own xmas decorations

A couple of weeks ago my mum took me to a local town to go christmas shopping, and although we only live about half an hour from it, i’d never actually shopped there before. So when we got there I was pleasantly surprised by what they had to offer. It was still early November, so it wasn’t too busy, and the shops weren’t decked out with all the fuss and sparkles we see now. But even still, the town had a sense of christmas magic about it, it’s a small market town and it carried a special aurora. The christmas music was still too early to be sung and played in the shops, but it didn’t stop me and mum humming carols as we browsed. Anyway, I’ve slightly digressed. 

The whole reason I’m telling you about this is because I didn’t realise it actually had a market, where people were selling small gifts they’d made, clothing, trinkets and some yummy food. So when I saw the sewing stall I got very excited, the amount of fat quarters they had was amazing, and especially the amount of christmas designed ones. So I stocked up on some, already planning to make something with them for christmas.

Unfortunately I’ve been so busy with university deadlines that I’ve had to prioritise my work, which meant the fabric has been staring at me whilst I’ve been typing away, wishing I could be sewing instead. But this week the time had finally come, I decided that I was in a place with my work where I could spare a day away from the computer to make some decorations for the house.

So I quickly popped up to the local sewing shop to get some cute buttons and bells to attach to the fabric, and had a browse of Pinterest to give me some last minute inspiration and off I went. Not really knowing exactly what I was intending to make. I think sometimes just letting your creativity run away with itself is better than setting out with a strict plan, as it means you don’t already have an idea of what the final product will be and you won’t be disappointed. I knew I wanted to make a sort of bunting/garland decoration to hang in the house, and eventually decided on upside down bunting triangles to look like christmas trees.

How I made it:

  1. I made a triangle template to cut around, so the triangles would be the same size, and cut out 7 of them on different patterned fabric. However, if you want these could be different sizes, depending on what look you’re going for. I chose to add two smaller ones to mix it up slightly.
  2. Next I used some scrap fabric from the off cuts of the triangles and used them as a sort of tinsel look to sew onto the triangles, criss crossing across them. I sewed these on with a zigzag stitch as I thought this would look most effective given the christmas tree theme. This section took the most time as the strips of fabric we’re quite small and fiddly.
  3. Then I sewed the fabric onto a thicker fabric, just to give it some stability, although this could be left out if your original fabric is fairly sturdy. This meant I had to cut out 7 more pieces of fabric with the template from earlier.
  4. Once the triangles were decorated they needed to be sewn along the edges. I then cut along the edges to make sure they were sharp and didn’t have any excess fabric hanging off. Don’t forget to iron them so they look lovely and flat!
  5. Next was the fun bit, getting to hand stitch on the gingerbread men buttons and jingly bells. This again took a long time, but when sat in front of the tv with a glass of Bailey’s and a christmas film on the time flew by. You can vary where you sew them on to, so they look as if they’re hanging off of the tree. Be care if you have cats like me though! All they wanted to do was play with the little bells! 
  6. The next step could be done on either a sewing machine or by hand, depending on how much time you have, and what kind of material you have to attach the trees to, to make the bunting. My fabric had lots of holes in, and would have been difficult to do by sewing machine, so I chose to sew them on by hand, which surprisingly for a novice wasn’t as difficult as I had expected.
  7. Now we are nearly done, however I felt it was missing something extra christmassy, so I decided to get my knitting basket out. I found some wool that had little bobbles on it, and sewed this along the top of the fabric that hangs the trees. I also used a fork to make some little pom-poms – if you don’t have much time to make pom-poms using a fork is such a clever way to do it. You just wrap the wool around the side of the fork, leaving a gap to pull the yarn through at the bottom, tie it together, and then cut!
  8. Obviously these need to be sewn or tied on, and voila! You have a christmas garland! You can add your own touches to it, you could do christmas puddings instead of christmas trees, or snowmen. What ever tickles your tinsel!

This did take me most of the day to make, as I am very new to sewing, being a uni student doesn’t give you much time for other hobbies really. So having a day off to just make whatever I wanted was a real treat, and I can’t wait until I have more time after uni to make some more decorations.

Let me know if you’ve made any decorations yourself this year, or have any suggestions of what else I could make, as I have extra fabric left over waiting to be used! I hope this has given some of you inspiration to make your own decorations, as I know making them yourself can be so satisfying.

I hope you’re enjoying your christmas so far!

Love Jaz x



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    1. Aw wow! I didn’t really know what I was making until I finished but was quite happy with how it looked in the end! Xxx

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