Look back at 2017

So we’re into December now, and where on earth has the time gone? 2017 has come and flown right past us! This year has gone by so quickly, and looking back I’ve had a pretty crazy year full of lots of amazing memories! So I’m going to share with you some of my favourite from this year.

Start of the year

My birthday is the 12th December (next week! ;)), and so for my present last year my boyfriend took us to Slovenia for New Years eve (which is also our anniversary) which was very cute! It meant 2017 was set off in the most romantic way possible, full of excitement for the new year on a cold cosy holiday in the snowy city of Ljubljana and Lake Bled. We saw so many fireworks, my favourite we’re half way through our meal on the 30th December, with them shooting into the sky over the lake, everyone in the restaurant ran outside to watch, even though it was astonishingly cold! I made a Vlog of this holiday which you can watch here.


March is one of the busiest times in the Brass Banding world, where most bands in the country compete to qualify for the National Finals of Great Britain in September. Unfortunately due to University I couldn’t play this year, but it didn’t stop me from watching and cheering my band on! Fortunately they were lucky enough to win and many celebrations ensued after. Here’s a picture of me with my family celebrating!

Mid year 

By May time Paul and I decided we needed another holiday, and managed to find some really cheap flights on sky scanner to Zadar in Croatia, so we booked an AirBnB apartment and off we went! It was a very relaxed holiday full of sightseeing in Zadar, sunbathing in Preko, bike riding, reading and drinking wine! Croatians make a good bottle of red. It wasn’t all that hot, as it was still only early May, but we still had a lovely time spending some quality time together, and exploring a new place. You can see what we got up to in this Vlog here. 

In the summer I finished my second year of university and moved in with Paul until I went back to uni in September. It was so lovely to have such a long together, just the two of us. We managed to do some decorating to the house. Although we spent a lot of time looking our cat Oscar who unfortunately got run over, and now 7 months later he is finally almost back to his old self!

Autumn time

Most recently, since September I’ve started writing a blog! I was aware of everyone telling me fast this last year of university would go, and I wanted to remember as much of it as I could, so I though what better way to document it than start a blog and share my experience with everyone? I’ve now been blogging for 4-5 months and am really loving it!

Working in the Royal Albert Hall has to be a highlight of the year. Mixing my love for social media with brass bands is definitely something I never thought I’d get the chance to do. So when the opportunity came I jumped at it.

End of the year 

My deadlines are all looming now, and my dissertation is slowly trundling along in the background. Although I’m going to be swamped with it over christmas! So the stress is slowly building back up again. Oh joy! But i’m going home for christmas at the end of this week so it’s ok! The christmas music will get me through it!


I’ve got my 21st birthday next week, so I’m really looking forward to going home and spending time with my friends and family to celebrate, and I haven’t seen them in a while.

I’m spending christmas with my family, and new years with them and our friends, which will be lovely! I hope everyone has had a lovely year too and let’s look forward to the rest before the year is out!

Love Jaz x

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