Halloween Pumpkin Nail Tutorial

So Halloween is upon us and all the pumpkin carvings will be appearing on our doorsteps soon, ready for all the trick or treaters. Halloween is always such a creative holiday, where you get to paint your face like a dead zombie, dress up like your favourite horror film character, or simply have an excuse to eat lots of sweets and drink Pumpkin Spice Latte’s!

Since I was young I’ve always loved painting my nails…what little girl doesn’t? But I always did mine with a twist, I often painted them with designs for the season we were in, so i’d have christmas trees at christmas, with Santa’s on the other hand. Or love hearts for valentines day, I even think I had the Olympic rings for London 2012. So I wanted to share my ‘go to’ halloween nail design, I don’t often have time to do fancy designs anymore, but this one is so quick and easy I thought i’d share it with you all.


What you will need: 

  • An orange nail varnish (I used Barry M Gelly Hi Shine – Mango 427)
  • A black nail varnish (I used Barry M – Nightshade 514)
  • A top coat (I used Barry M Plump top coat)
  • Either a nail brush or a nail art pen (I used a Body Shop nail art pen)
  • time and patience

How to do it:

  1. You need to clean your nails, and take off any existing nail varnish with some nail varnish remover and cotton wool pads. I always give my nails a quick shape with a file beforehand, but thats up to you.
  2. The orange paint will be the base, giving you the pumpkin colour. Paint a light base layer first, letting it dry, before painting a second layer, making it brighter in colour. Make sure you let it dry fully before the next step or the colours may merge into each other, and no one wants a lopsided looking pumpkin. 
  3. Now you can use the nail pen, (my favourite bit). There are two different ends to the pen, they both have small balls on each end, however one is bigger than the other, this is for giving different effects and making it easier for you to draw different things. The smaller end has lines drawn onto it, and the larger end has dots on it, you want the smaller end with lines on it, as it’ll be easier to get more detail onto your nails.
  4. I usually just use the brush from the nail varnish and dab some varnish onto the ball, rather than dipping the pen into the bottle as it can get a bit messy. Now you can start designing your pumpkins, I start with the triangular eyes, as these will all be the same on every finger, but you can do whatever shape you like. You’ll need to keep refreshing the amount of nail varnish you have on the pen as it will get used up fairly quickly, as you don’t want too much on it at once, or you’ll lose the definition and have lots of splodges and have to start again.
  5. You can get really creative and design any kind of face you can think of, but I decided to go with the standard pumpkin faces you would expect, as I like the cute effect it gives. But you can make them as scary as you like.
  6. Lastly, let the paint dry and then paint over it with your top clear coat. Make sure they are completely dry or you’ll end up with crying pumpkins as the black will bleed down your nails!

Quick tips! 

So I hope you enjoyed my quick tutorial, it may take some time if you haven’t done this before, but practice makes perfect as they say. I’m quite used to painting my nails with lots of detail on and only took me around half an hour, but it may take you longer. I suggest leaving just over half an hour to include drying time after, as you don’t want to spend all that time making them look amazing, to be smudged after…I’ve done that before!

Let me know if you gave them a go below, and what you think!

Happy Halloween!

Jaz x


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