Welcome to my new blog!

So I’ve decided to create a blog, I’m currently a student studying English Language and Linguistics at the University of Gloucestershire, and I wanted somewhere to document my 3rd year, which I will be commencing in September. Having done two years already, I’ve realised how quickly this time has passed, and I want to remember such an important time in my life. The last two years I have finished with a 2:1 and hopefully I’ll be able to graduate with at least this grade next year. I’ve really enjoyed my time in Cheltenham so far, and I can’t believe I’m nearly finished there.

I’ve already started my dissertation, doing some research to prepare myself for the start of the year. I’ve decided to choose a topic in which I will hopefully stay interested in for the entire year (fingers crossed) which is looking at the differences in phonetics of both Devon and Cornwall. Having lived in Devon my entire life (besides my two years at uni) and spending the rest of my time in Cornwall playing my trombone, the local accents have always interested me, and so something I’m passionate about should hopefully keep me going through the stress I’m anticipating this year! Plus it gives me an excuse to go home and chat to everyone :). Apart from my dissertation I’m really looking forward to studying forensic linguistics this year, and is something that swayed my decision to study at this university, so I can’t wait to get my teeth stuck in this year!

I’m currently living with my boyfriend Paul in Plymouth and our two cats Oscar and Lily, which has been lovely over the summer! Before I go back to uni though, my brass band (Bodmin Town Band) has qualified for the national finals in Cheltenham on the 16th September, so I’ll be busy practicing for that before planning for uni, which is very exciting, and I’m sure i’ll be writing about it on here, as I’m sure it’ll be something to remember!

So I hope you enjoy this journey with me. Hopefully it will be a positive journey towards my graduation, which is currently my goal point I’m focussing towards (but I’m not promising anything, I know how stressful third year can be!). But first, lets get a good result at the National Finals in Cheltenham!


Love Jaz x

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