Christmas Surprises

This Christmas has been a bit of a whirlwind, this has been my first Christmas with a full-time grown-up job, and balancing it with my band rehearsals and concerts has made Christmas shopping a bit of a struggle. But nonetheless, I still managed to squeeze in all of the traditions we love to do.


Christmas tree cutting 

We have to go and choose and cut down our own tree. We’ve done this for the last few years, the man clearly remembered us from last year as he knew we’d need more than 10 minutes to choose a tree. 40 minutes later he came to find us with his chainsaw, and we realised we’d left my sister at the other end of the field guarding a tree we no longer wanted but forget to relieve her! After a bit of debating, we finally convinced Mum to choose a tree…. she’s very fussy about her tree! A Christmas tree isn’t just for Christmas according to her.


Handmade Christmas 

In the last year, one of my favourite things to do has been to make lots of things by hand. It’s very hygge! So for Christmas this year I have been pinning ideas on Pinterest like they’re going out of fashion. I made some Christmas Chutney’s, which you can find the recipe to in my last blog post. One of the most simple ideas was infusing gin with whatever you want, I’ve made Orange, raspberry, blueberry and cranberry gin. My recent ventures have been Christmas cushions and knitted headbands, which I have to say are my favourite things I’ve made, the cushions add hygge to the room, and the headband keeps my ears warm on the way to work.


As a family, we spend our Christmas Eve baking, cooking and prepping for the big day tomorrow, with perhaps a few tipples for good measure. This year is slightly different in that we have my cousin for Christmas, as our Auntie has just given birth to a lovely little Christmas baby. We are still awaiting the name eagerly. We’ve spent the rest of the day snuggled on the sofa watching Christmas films, and as I write this, we are introducing our cousin to Mary Poppins, after watching the new film last night, although we are destroying the music for him with our singing.

On Christmas day we always play Christmas carols in the town square for all the locals and raise money for a local charity. It’s something my Dad has done since he was 11, and we have also done since we could play. Now I’m a lot older it’s one of my favourite traditions.


This year may just be my favourite Christmas of all time down to one very special reason, in that we’ve just gotten engaged! We (now I realise he) decided we would go down to Paul’s parents to say hello and do some Christmas shopping in Truro. On the way, we were singing along to all the Christmas songs and just generally getting excited for Christmas. As usual, I decided to wind him up and ask him if he’d ask for my Dad’s permission to marry me one day, and then if he’d ask my Mum and Sister…they hate to be left out of things! So once we’d said hello to all the family, and checked his Grandparents were all moved into their new house, Paul suggested we go for a walk on the beach. With not many presents ready I really didn’t want to go for a walk, we needed all the time we could get in Truro! Paul was adamant in going for a walk so we said we’d go for a little walk quickly and then head into Truro. Perranporth is a special place that holds lots of memories for us both, Paul grew up there, and naturally wanted to share his love of the town with me. It’s where he asked me to be his girlfriend on New Year’s Eve 3 years ago. We’ve spent many days on the beach in summer and winter there, and drank many hot chocolates and ciders in the pub on the beach.

So we wander down to the waterfront, and Paul starts to mention all of our memories we’ve had here, which made me wonder what was going on as he’s never been the sentimental type much… unless he’s had a few beers! Then all of a sudden he started referring back to our conversation in the car earlier, on whether he’d ask permission to marry me. Bending down on one knee and reaching for his pocket he said “what if I already have asked for permission?”. I was quite shocked. I think I just saw the sparkly ring in his hand and kissed him, leading him to ask “have you said yes!?”. Of course, I said “yes!” and repeatedly said “omg” as I looked from him to the ring to the sea, and couldn’t believe what had just happened! We spent a few moments together on the beach in our own little world, where I didn’t notice anyone else on that beach apart from us. We were in our own happy little bubble. Once we went back to his Parents house, they already knew what had happened, as they were looking after the ring, and before we said anything they shouted “congratulations!”. Paul then told me everything about the planning, in how the ring was made in Perranporth, my sister helped him to choose a design, and that he asked for permission on my 22nd Birthday meal a few weeks earlier. It may be cheesy but the song “All I want for Christmas is you!” has never been met so aptly. This has honestly been the best start to the Christmas holidays, and as we are waiting for the big man to come down the chimney tonight nothing could already beat the way this year has ended. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas full of family, food and laughter. This year has had it’s ups and downs, but I’m certainly glad it’s ending like this!


Love Jaz x x

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