Choosing our Christmas Tree

Today is the 10th December, and it’s always been a tradition in my family that the christmas tree is up before, or on my birthday, and today was the day this year, ready for Tuesday. I’ve just come home from uni for christmas, and I’m already feeling festive. In the two days i’ve been home, I’ve played my trombone in our Christmas concert, decorated the house, and cut down a christmas tree to decorate. We always have a real christmas tree, and usually we go to a local farm and choose one, however this year they didn’t have many cut down ready to take away, which meant we got to go out in the field and pick one from the hundreds growing in the field. I have never seen so many, so for any of you who are christmas-holics like myself and love a real tree, there’s nothing better to get you in the mood than to pop some christmas music on in the car and go to your nearest farm selling trees and to cut one down yourself.


Myself, my mum and sister went to go choose it this morning, and we’re very fussy about our tree. I felt very sorry for the poor man selling the trees, we wandered around the entire field, only to choose the first tree we found about ten minutes prior to this! There were so many, my sister wanted a 20ft tree, and my mum wanted to take a miniature one home, but we settled on an 8ft traditional tree in the end, after getting extremely muddy. Thankfully we had our wellies!


To me, feeling christmassy is made in some of the simplest things, like cutting down the tree today, going home, popping on the christmas tunes and decorating the house from head to toe in decorations. Oh and not forgetting spending quality time with your family doing it, even if we did argue over how to decorate the tree! But what family doesn’t?

Do you have any traditions you really love to do and look forward to? I think this has to be my favourite!

Love Jaz x



2 thoughts on “Choosing our Christmas Tree

  1. we’ve never cut a Christmas tree in the woods before.
    There are several markets where you can get Christmas trees from very small to huge.
    But for me and my family, the Christmas season starts right on the first Advent. The apartment is then decorated, the church sings Christmas songs, the Christmas markets open and it smells so wonderful. And very important are of course the Christmas cookies with the 1000 calories hihihi

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