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Like most people in their teens and twenties, I suffer from spot breakouts. Although unlike most people, I never used to, so when they started appearing on my chin in my hormonal area on my face recently, I needed something quick to get my skin back to normal. I’ve always used Body Shop products for skin care, usually in the vitamin E section as my skin is usually ‘normal’. However, when I came across the new tea tree section specifically for breakout skin I was so excited to use a new range. I’ve been using this range for just over 2 weeks now and I have to say it really is helping to clear my skin up.

Body Shop Tea Tree Range

The products I’ve been using are:

(I know the last two items are not in the tea tree range but I’ve found that they work really well together.)

My routine 

In the morning, I remove my make up, just to pick up any little bits that may have been missed the night before. Then I’ll run a sink of warm water and wash my face, and squirt some Tea Tree clearing facial wash onto my hand and rub in onto my face in a circular motion, and then wash off again with water, usually in the shower. After showering, I’ll use the Tea Tree Target Gel and Tea Tree Clearing Mattifying Toner to apply straight onto my breakouts, hitting them directly and leave to dry, then apply moisturiser and my makeup.

In the evening, I’ll remove my makeup off, and use the drops of youth, (but only every few days, as it isn’t required daily). You use 2 pea size amounts of the product and rub onto your dry face (don’t use on a wet face), which then picks up all the dead skin. Then once this has been washed off I’ll apply the Tea Tree Clearing Mattifying Toner and Target Gel and moisturiser.

My thoughts 

My skin really has cleared up so well, and looking at the reviews online, people are agreeing. In the first few days you could see the spots under my skin, but now they really have calmed down and aren’t visible anymore, although are still slightly without makeup on. Hopefully, they will disappear in the next few days or week, as I’ve read the reviews that people’s skin has completely cleared up. Fingers crossed. I really love the target gel, as it’s small and portable, and easy to keep in your handbag.

The drops of youth liquid peel is also one of my favourite products they’ve ever brought out. It makes your face so so soft and feels like all your pours have been opened, so adding the tea tree products make you feel like your face is squeaky clean.

I really would recommend any of these products to anyone, but for people with breakouts, you HAVE to try the tea tree range, they have more products than the ones I’ve mentioned so there may be one that suits you more. It’s cleared my skin up so well, let me know if you have any products or brands you swear by?


Love Jaz x


13 thoughts on “Body Shop Skin Care Routine

  1. I love the body shop products. I’ve been recently trying their Vitamin E range and have a post going up on Wednesday. I definitely need try some more of their tea tree range though.

    Great post!

    Nat 💛 –

    1. Yes I usually use their vitamin e range! I feel like all their ranges are so well suited for each skin type! Plus they’re cruelty free! 💖 thank you x

  2. I love the Body Shop products, especially the skincare, but haven’t tried the tea tree range before! Will definitely have to give it a go after reading your post!

  3. The peel and the Vitamin E items intrigue me. Its so hard to know how many products I can experiment with before my skin says ENOUGH! but i just want my skin to be perfect! Thanks for sharing. I love body shop products thought they smell so fresh.

    Please check out my friends blog

    1. Body Shop is one of those shops that once you start buying from there you don’t leave! So glad it worked for you too! Xx

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