Baking – Festive Arctic Roll

So Christmas has now come and gone, and I haven’t written a blog post for almost 2 weeks now. And I’ve really missed it. I’ve had lots of assignment deadlines over the holidays, and dissertation work to do. Once I’ve completed the section I’ve been working on over Christmas I’ll be able to share with you all what I’ve been up to with that so far. It’s quite exciting… well for an English nerd it is.

I’d planned to write this blog post about 2 weeks ago, but with my work, I simply haven’t had the time. So here it is a few weeks late. Sorry. Even though it is a Christmas themed baking tutorial, it’s so yummy it can be used all throughout the winter months if you’ve got friends over, you’re hosting a party or just want a fancy dessert.

This arctic roll recipe is taken from Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook from last year, which I have to say is a must for any ‘foodie’ over the Christmas holidays. I make this roll ever year for our Christmas dessert along with a Christmas pudding and it goes down well every year. I have to say I’ve made a few slight tweaks to it to fit in with what we have in the cupboards, such as the type of alcohol…we like Port in this house!

The Ingredients 


butter for greasing

3 eggs

100g of golden caster sugar

75g plain flour

25g cocoa powder

Filling and topping

500g chocolate ice cream

1 clementine


1/2 jar of 340g cherry jam

100ml double cream

100g greek yogurt

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

1 tablespoon icing sugar

How to make it: 

  1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees c. Grease a sponge tray that’s 25cm x 38cm with butter and place the greaseproof paper on top.
  2. Beat the eggs and sugar until pale and thick.
  3. Sift half the flour and cocoa powder and gently fold it in with a metal spoon. Then do the same with the remaining flour and cocoa powder.
  4. Pour the mixture into the sponge tray and spread evenly and bake for 1 minutes or until the sponge is springy.
  5. Take your ice cream out of the freezer and into the fridge to soften.
  6. Once the sponge has baked place another sheet of greaseproof paper on top of a damp tea towel and sprinkle golden caster sugar on top of the paper.
  7. Whilst the sponge is still hot and flexible place it on top of the new piece of greaseproof paper and peel off the older one.
  8. With the short end of the cake in front of you, roll the sponge with the paper and teatowel inside and leave to cool, as it does the shape will hold.
  9. Whilst waiting for the cake to cool you can make the filling. Finely zest or grate the clementine into a bowl and squeeze in the remaining juice inside, add a splash of port, (splash can be taken to mean as much as you want!) and the jam and mix well.
  10. Whip the cream into soft peaks, don’t over whip or it will make forming the roll more difficult, and don’t under whip or it will be too runny. If it’s formed soft peaks that aren’t too firm to touch you’ve got it spot on.
  11. Then fold in the yogurt, vanilla, and icing sugar, I added a bit extra icing sugar than the recipe stated for a bit of extra sweetness.
  12. Unroll the cake if it is fully cooled, and remove the paper. Drizzle the cake with port (or another choice if you prefer) to make it slightly more moist and tasty. Cover with a layer of cream, and dot over half the jam filling. Again layer some ice cream over the top too. But make sure to not make the layers thick or re-rolling the sponge will be very difficult and messy! the first time I made it we had jam and ice cream everywhere!
  13. Carefully re-roll it back up with everything inside, and if the filling slips out just push it back in. (Jamie’s words not mine! haha).
  14. Wrap it in some more greaseproof paper again and place in the freezer until required. But keep the extra jam filling!
  15. When ready to serve the pudding, take it out of the freezer 30 minutes before so it has time to defrost and decorate the top with the rest of the jam filling. You can decorate however you want. Jamie suggests with jam, dusted with cocoa and nuts, dark chocolate shavings and cherries. However, we will be refreezing it after eating, which would make that difficult to store. So I combined the jam and leftover cream layer to form a pink icing layer on top with chocolate stars. But you can get as creative as you like!

Once you’ve got your head around the timings of everything and gentle hands to roll and unroll the sponge you’ll nail this recipe.  The best thing is you can make it a few weeks before you need it, or the day before!

Let me know if you have any favourite Christmas recipes for puddings or have tried this one too below! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year.

Love Jaz xx

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    1. Thank you! I did the same, last year it was a bit of a fail as all the cream and jam fell out, but this year I was determined to make it work! I think the key was keeping everything cold! X

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