Autumn Favourites

Now that we are well and truly into the swing of autumn I thought I’d share some of my favourite things I’ve been using in the last month or so. There are a few beauty products and a couple of homeware pieces that I couldn’t live without at the moment, now that the colder weather is very much upon us and taking care of yourself can become that little bit more important.

Hot water bottle 

I think the main thing I’ve needed in the past week or so, now that the temperature has dropped has been my hot water bottle, I seriously could NOT live without this in the winter months. When I’m sat at my desk (at home, not in the Library!) doing work my feet get so cold…even with two pairs of fluffy socks on!  So my fluffy hot water bottle becomes my best friend, stopping me from getting into to bed, which could lead to stopping work for a nap which would be inevitable. So for productive reasons, this is necessary to getting my uni work done! You can get hot water bottles in just about most shops now, but I got mine from Matalan last Christmas, and I have to say the fluff on it sold me! It reminds me of my cats, adding a bit of comfort when I’m away!

Bobble hat 

Bobble hat I feel like this should probably fall into a winter favourites post, but I bought this bobble hat recently from Crew Clothing, and I really REALLY love it! All the bobble hats I’ve had before often have too much fabric, and I have a relatively small head (I think?), making me look a bit like I’m wearing an elf hat! So when I tried this hat on it literally fitted my head perfectly! It keeps my head warm to and from netball practice, and on the way to uni when it’s particularly cold. I can’t wait for it to get just a smidge colder so I can wear it all the time!

‘Some Kind of Wonderful’ 

‘Some Kind of Wonderful’ I pre-ordered Giovanna Fletcher’s new book ‘Some Kind of Wonderful’ a couple of months ago now, because she has to be without doubt one of my most favourite people in the world. If you haven’t come across her, you should definitely go follow her on YouTube! She is my favourite Author, and although I don’t have time at the moment to read her new novel, I could’t resist putting it in here. Plus she had signed it!! I’ll definitely let you know what I think once I’ve had some time to give it a read! But in the mean time, go check out her other novels she has published… you won’t be disappointed if you love romance! <3

Heat protector

I’d recently run out of CocoLoco heat protection spray, and really wanted to try another, not that I didn’t like CocoLoco! Although I definitely think I’ll use this product again, you spray it on your hair when it’s still wet, before adding heat like a hair drying/straighteners. As well as protecting your hair from the heat, it also magically keeps your hair straighter, I’ve no idea how, but I’ve definitely noticed a difference! It’s also not that expensive, compared to a few others I was tempted to buy.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Lush has to be one of my favourite beauty shops, not only for their amazing smells and bath bombs, but the fact they are totally cruelty free! My hair has been feeling pretty dead and dreary at the moment, so I decided to go back and use some of their hair care products that I know my hair loves! The ‘BIG’ shampoo is amazing for anyone with curly hair, it comes in a pot and is basically full of salt. Sounds a bit gross, but trust me on this! If you can imagine how cute your hair looks after the beach, thats what my hair looks like after I come out of the shower! #curlsforsdays. The conditioner I have been using I couldn’t recommend more strongly, not just people with curly hair! It makes your hair feel so so so soft, and smells GORGEOUS for hours and hours after! American Cream is definitely a must for your next trip into Lush! It looks quite heavy, as if it’ll be too thick for a conditioner, but trust me, it works wonders! It’s just…lush! 😉

I hope you liked my autumn favourites!

Love Jaz x

2 thoughts on “Autumn Favourites

  1. Hey Jaz,

    Just come across your blog! Some great reads, you really need to link the things you use so we can all go buy it lol! Whats the heat spray you mentioned in this post?

    Kylie x

    1. Hi Kylie! Thanks for the tip! I will definitely do that in the future! 🙂 It’s Schwarzkopf got2b Crazy 4 Sleek Days heat activated straightening spray! It’s really great, and currently only £3 in Boots! X

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