2018 Blogging goals

I know I’m late to the party with this post, but I’ve been quite busy so far this year, being a third-year uni student and trying to maintain a blog at the same time is no easy task. But I wanted to post publically my blogging goals for the year, that way I have to try and stick to them, and they will be easy to find come December.

I’ve found in the last month or so my blog has grown quite a bit, I’ve received over 400 views this month already, which is the most I’ve had for any month, and it’s not over yet. This might be small to some bloggers, but we all have to start somewhere right?


These goals are set to be able to reach on a regular basis throughout the year.


Views per month: 500 regularly. 

I’m receiving a varied amount of views at the moment, going from 300 to 400, so hopefully, I’ll be getting 500 by December.


Subscribers: 150 

I’ve recently reached just over 60 subscribers on my blog, so it would be nice to at least double this, this year. Fingers crossed.


Views per day: 100

The most amount of views I’ve ever had in a day is 89, so let’s push this to 100.


Twitter followers: 1000

As of today I have 701 followers, I’d love to reach a happy 1000 followers on twitter, and seeing how quickly my page has grown on there I’m hoping this will happen. If you would like to help you can follow me on twitter at @Jasminsworld0


I realise these may be tiny goals that might be quite achievable, but with a busy 5 months coming up with my degree I don’t know how much time I will be able to put into my blog in this time. Therefore I wanted to set manageable goals that aren’t too hard to reach, but of course, that doesn’t stop me from surpassing them, which would be fab!

So far I’ve been really motivated with my blog this year, and I’m hoping this stays whilst I get into the swing of my dissertation and assignments, but who knows what will happen. Let’s stay focused and positive and good things can only happen, right?


Love Jaz x

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